Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do You Wear a Watch?

men's watch showing day of month using figures around the dial

I bought this new thing called a watch. You wear it on your wrist and it shows the time w/o having to dig your phone out of your pocket.Dustin Godsey, on Twitter

If, like me, you choose to wear a watch, take a look at the attractive (and easy-to-read) ones I've found recently. This first one comes from a.b. art, which has many notable choices; this is the men's model O101. [via Geekwatches]

watch with orange face

Another company with some neat watches is TeNo. This one is from the TeNo 10 collection; there are a number of colors to choose from. One place to buy them is Unica Home.

watch with Roman numerals

I'm also pretty impressed with the Arne Jacobsen watches from Rosendahl; there are two styles. You can find them both — the Roman watch and the City Hall watch — at Skandium.

watch with Tyvek band

And finally, let's look at the watches from Sprout, with its "eco-friendly timepieces." This one has a "light crimson Tyvek strap and corn resin bezel, white corn resin case and buckle." Don't like Tyvek? You can also get watches with organic cotton straps. All of the styles come in a number of colors, and there are versions for men, women and children. [via Ecosalon]

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Julie Bestry said...

These are all lovely. I particularly like the one from Sprout. BTW, I gave the bright orange Neat Freak slap-watch (from the NAPO conference) to my mother and she like it so much, she wants to get more slap-watches in different colors. She particularly likes that they don't twist or reposition themselves on her teeny, tiny wrist -- they stay put!

I'm a big fan of watches -- they're more convenient and more attractive than pulling out a digital device. Thanks for this post!

JustGail said...

I don't recall that I ever quit wearing watches, at least for very long. I work in an area where we can't take cell phones and the clocks aren't conveniently placed. Besides a glance at a watch is more graceful than getting out the cell phone.

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie and JustGail, I'm glad I have some company in my watch-wearing. I love my iPhone, but many of my clothes don't have pockets, which means the iPhone lives in my purse - which doesn't help when I'm keeping track of time while working in a client's garage, or wherever.

I need to get a new watch for myself, so these posts serve as my own window-shopping!

And Julie, I'm so glad to hear the slap-watch worked well for your mother. (I'd love a photo of her wearing one.)