Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pillboxes with a Dose of Cute

pillbox with pirate owl

"Cool pill cases/organizers. ... I want some CUTE options!" That's the request I got from my friend and fellow organizer Julie Bestry, and I'm delighted to oblige. Let's start with this pillbox from SweetHeartSinner Creations — one of the many it sells.

Jesus pill box - Give us this day our daily meds

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild sells six different pillboxes, including this one. If you don't want a Jesus theme, you could choose Freud or Shakespeare, among others.

pillbox with picture of peacock

This pillbox from Glam may not be cute as much as charming. I don't see this specific one on the Glam web site, but it's available through SilverHooks and

pillbox with stylized drawing of 3 women

Kyle Design is another place to go for a large number of pillbox designs — and a number of different sizes, too. The largest one "holds a seven day (1 week) supply of pills in a plastic flip top pill case hidden inside."

pill cases with picture of pig

Of course, no one does cute quite like some Japanese designers do. Japanistic sells four pill cases, and this is my favorite.

keychain shaped like a pill

And if you just have a few pills you need to carry, this pill keychain from Jonathan Adler might do. [via Switched On Set]

three cute pillboxes

For something larger, your choices are much more limited; beyond the Kyle Design boxes mentioned above, you're mostly stuck with boring plastic boxes. I did find this one from the Korean company Donbook — but at a place where you can only buy in lots of ten, and have to pay some rather high shipping costs. (Here's another place that has "free shipping" but has a much higher lot price.)

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Julie Bestry said...

These are fabulous, Jeri! I love them all (though I think I'd opt for Shakespeare over Jesus), and now I can't stop surfing the Japanistic site. But I think the winner has to be the SweetHeartSinner Etsy shop (maker of the pirate owl) because of the 20s-era flapper pill box.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you like them, Julie; thanks for sending me down some interesting pathways in my search!

Janet said...

These are so fun! I'm glad I don't need one, because I'd have a hard time picking one!

Natalie - Organized Habits said...

Wow! I never knew there was such a huge variety of pill organizers. And they are so fun and colorful! I am going to get a few for gifts this year. Thanks for posting!