Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookie Jars for Holiday Treats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Uglydoll cookie jar

If you're baking a lot this holiday season, you may be interested in some cool cookie jars. This one — "the ugly" — is actually one of three Uglydoll cookie jars.

zombie head cookie jar

And let's look at one more cookie jar designed to make you smile: the Zombie Head cookie jar. [via ThisIsWhyImBroke, which I found through Nancy Wisser]

The bad? Those are all the cookie jars I'm not subjecting you to, that I sorted through before writing this post! So let's go on to a whole bunch of "good" ones, in a wide range of styles.

red biscuit bin that says Big Love

Emma Bridgewater makes a number of biscuit bins, but the one I like the most is this Big Love one. You can also find it in blue. The Emma Bridgewater site says it has a "tight fitting lid to keep all your biscuits very fresh."

biscuit bin with pictures of gingerbread men and other baking-related items

Another fun biscuit bin comes from Creative Tops; I found it here and here. Again, the sites say there's a "tight seal."

metallic gray biscuit barrel

Brabantia has biscuit barrels in neutral colors. You can find them many places, including here and here. Kitchen Critic explains the appeal of this one, beyond the nice looks: "The ingenious Brabantia Keep-Fresh lid features a compartment filled with moisture-absorbing crystals. Even better, the crystals never need replacing. Every couple of months you just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and revive them! The clever design even has a handy calendar to remind you when they need refreshing."

orange plastic biscotto / cookie container

The Guzzini biscotto container, made from molded plastic, comes in five colors. Forma in the U.K. carries it in green, orange, red and yellow. [via Retro to Go]

stoneware cookie jar
porcelain cookie jar, red

And I'll end with the drop-dead gorgeous cookie jars from R Morales Pottery — so lovely I couldn't pick just one to show you. [via Apartment Therapy]

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Claire Josefine said...

And the just plain kitschy... I just gave a Dr. Spock (Star Trek) cookie jar to a friend. He'd been making noises about wanting one for over a year, so I surprised him with one for his birthday. He loves it!

TheAL said...

The 'ugly' jar is actually very cute! I also love the last two pottery ones. So earthy and beautiful.