Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knife Storage Without the Chunky Knife Block

Looking for eye-catching knife storage? You've got options - and one of them is this Fiesta cutlery set and matching knife block. [via the New York Times; thanks to Emily Berk of Armadillo Associates for the pointer]

custom knife block

Another option would be a custom knife block from Jay Fisher.

magnetic knife rack

If you prefer a magnetic knife rack to a knife block, the Epicurean magnetic knife holder is a nice-looking option.

knife tray

And then there are the in-drawer options. Here is one common type of knife tray, from JK Adams.

cutlery drawer insert

But sometimes you'll find this other kind of insert. Update on June 18, 2011: The site where I found this insert seem to have disappeared.

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Claire Josefine said...

The question of "what's the best way to store my knives?" comes up whenever I teach my kitchen organizing class, and I never have an answer that I like. The magnets are easiest access, but can be a problem for pet/kid safety (how are they in earthquakes?), and feng shui says they're an absolute no-no. I've been told that the blocks dull the knives (and they take up counter space, except for that nifty under-cabinet one you showed us!), but they're probably great for ADD-style folks (as are the magnets) -- no drawers to conceal things. My personal preference is for the narrower version of the drawer organizer -- hadn't seen that one before. So, as always, thanks for doing the research and sharing the results!

Anonymous said...

I store my knives upside down in the knife block. This way the blade rarely touches the wood and isn't blunted.
The only problem is when you buy a new knife and it doesn't fit your existing block. I can see some of those drawer inserts having the same issue.

Jeri Dansky said...

Claire and SueBK, you raise some good points. I'm going to address them in another blog post, so I make sure everyone sees the answers!

Jeri Dansky said...

Claire and SueBK, I've addressed some of the points you raised in this additional blog post.