Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Baskets Without the Plastic

woven Easter basket

If you're going to get an Easter basket, why not get one that really pleases you - and one that has storage potential beyond one day's eggs? The one above comes from A.J. McCray of Baskauta.

felt bunny Easter baskets

But you don't need to stick to woven baskets. For example, you might like these felt bunny baskets. Update on April 20, 2011: The site selling these has shut down.

crocheted bunny Easter basket

This cute little basket from Handmade Home Care was hand-crocheted.

fabri Easter basket

Baffin Bags has a number of fabric Easter baskets; this is my favorite.

Easter basket, bunny print

And staying with cool prints for a minute, here's a basket from Savaria. That's Sandra, born in Bavaria, and currently living in South Korea; her husband is in the U.S. military.

bunny Easter basket

This bunny Easter basket comes with six cracked-egg candles. (I wish you could buy the basket without the candles, but it seems to be a package deal.) Update on April 20, 2011: This year the basket seems to be selling without the candles.

vintage Easter buckets

You could also go the bucket route. Whendi's Bears is selling these vintage Easter buckets. Wendy (who spells her name differently than the name of her shop) says they are made of a heavy cardboard-type material.

Easter bucket / pail with rabbit

Or you could get a bucket from Whimsy Tin. (More options here.)

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Jasmine said...

Hi there, I'm Jasmine with Handmade Home Care - I made the crocheted Easter basket. Just wanted to thank you for posting it along with a link to my site!!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find and order the cute bunny easter basket that comes with the six candles??

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I don't know if you can get it anywhere right now. I've updated the post to show that.