Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Organizing Tips and More

cube-shaped timer

cube-shaped timer, orange

My January 2010 newsletter is now available.

Tip of the Month: Lessons Re-Learned in the Last Weeks of 2009

Organizing Products of the month: Miracle Time Cube (white) and Cubic Timer (orange).

Recycling/Reuse Idea of the Month: Replacements, Ltd.

Also included: Organizing Quote of the Month, Organizing Statistic of the Month, and some Twitter tidbits


Gigi94025 said...

I just bought about 15 of the cube timers for myself and gifts. I am going to give them to everyone I know. My teenage son loves them to. I think we have one in every room of the house. It is amazing how often just flipping a cube to start a timer is useful... getting to an appointment on time, making sure not to get too wrapped up in a project, timing a break, etc. Thanks so much for the pointer to this fantastic product!

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm so glad you're finding them useful, Gigi. I always have a cube timer in my car to show to clients. And theses timers are the most popular item I've ever used as a giveaway when I speak.