Friday, January 1, 2010

Fancy-Schmancy Shoe Storage for Your Closet

Lazy Susan for shoes

How do you store your shoes? Most of us settle for one or more of the standard options: shoe boxes, shoe racks and the like. But so you can fully understand your shoe storage options, let me introduce you to the Shoe-Zen, from Rev-A-Shelf - although you won't find this new product on the company's web site yet. It comes in 3-shelf and 5-shelf versions. Update on Sept. 13, 2012: You can now find the Lazy Shoe-Zen on Rev-A-Shelf's web site.

And then there's the ShoeSelect from StorageMotion - "an electric, motor-driven, vertical carousel." There's a video on the company's web site that shows how this one works.

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Buttercup said...

that last one reminds me of something from the movie "Overboard" - lol:o) I personally have a shoe rack in the closet and a maximum limit of 25 pairs of shoes - I used to have way too many shoes (over 50 pairs), but I de-cluttered when my husband and I packed up our stuff to move to the West coast.

Jeri Dansky said...

Buttercup, congratulation on de-cluttering prior to the move. I hope you're enjoying the West Coast.

kbfenner said...

I love them both, but the second one would take up my entire closet. The problem with this would be....

pixie65 said...

Under the bed suits me fine. I don't have many shoes. :) I go to my parents' house and my Mum has at least six pairs of shoes lined up near the back door and they are all black casual sandals. I have one pair of each - Summer work shoes, Winter work shoes, runners, thongs (you guys call them flip flops), sandals, going out Summer shoes, going out Winter shoes. Oh and Ugg boots for slippers. That's a total of eight.