Thursday, June 14, 2007

Your Call is Very Important to Us

man on telephone

One way we all hate to spend time is working our way through phone trees until we can finally get a human being to talk to - hopefully one who can help us. Some people dread making these calls so much they procrastinate almost endlessly.

Getting Through to a Human Being has both general tips for reaching a human and specific instructions for reaching human customer service at companies from AAA to Wisconsin Electric.

Another alternative is Bringo - a service that will navigate the phone tree at 171 different companies for you. [via The Red Ferret Journal]

You've Got Human Customer Service - Now What?

Want to be more effective in communicating with customer service? The Red Tape Chronicles provides advice. [via The Consumerist]

Want to disconnect a service? Boing Boing provides tips on how to make such calls more effectively. (If you're calling during the day, you might want to hang up and call back in the middle of the night.)

[photo from Mylor at Flickr]

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