Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marc Andreessen on Personal Productivity

For those who don't know the name, Marc was the co-creator of the Mosaic browser - the precursor of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) that we all use today. It was pretty darn amazing.

Anyway, Marc has written an intriguing Guide to Personal Productivity. Not all of his ideas will work for everyone - but I'd guess that at least one of his ideas will resonate with you. Here are just a few that I liked:

Each night before you go to bed, prepare a 3x5 index card with a short list of 3 to 5 things that you will do the next day. And then, the next day, do those things.

Strategic Incompetence: The best way to to make sure that you are never asked to do something again is to royally screw it up the first time you are asked to do it. Or, better yet, just say you know you will royally screw it up -- maintain a strong voice and a clear gaze, and you'll probably get off the hook. . . . Organizing the company picnic, sending faxes or Fedexes, negotiating with insurance brokers, writing in plain English... the list of things at which one can be strategically incompetent is nearly endless.

Only agree to new commitments when both your head and your heart say yes.

[via Lifehacker]

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