Saturday, December 23, 2006

Remembering Birthdays, and Appreciating fred flare

Nancy Drew address book

Real Simple had an interesting article on remembering birthdays, which got me to fred flare and the birthday book (for tracking birthdays, naturally).

But then I also found the 8 days a week planner, and the Nancy Drew address book.

Update on July 18, 2010: I no longer see the birthday book on the Fred Flare site.


Clyde Lerner said...

Another wonderful way to remember birthdays and anniversaries - is to have them emailed to you - so you can then send a printed greeting card. Much less work ;-)


Jeri said...

Nice to see you here, Clyde! Your point is well taken - except for people like my mom who doesn't own a computer, or for people who just prefer analog rather than digital tools for some things.

My mom actually has a little notebook she tracks birthdays in - much the same idea as the birthday book I noted here.

Different tools for different people - being a fine tool for the many people I know who rave about it.