Thursday, December 7, 2006

Paper or Electronic Planner?

Trying to make that decision? Val Sgro of SGRO Consulting has a self-assessment questionnaire (PDF) that can help.

I'm looking forward to reading her book, Organize Your Family's Schedule . . . In No Time, where this is one of many topics covered.

I came out pretty evenly balanced between paper and electronic - and sure enough, I use a combination of both (electronic planner, with current months printed out to carry with me).

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RLQ said...

I found Val's podcast and listened to this one in particular because I've been having this very problem picking one or the other (electronic or paper organizers). Unfortunately, this "test" is bunk. Simply sticking an odd number of questions (many of them very obvious about which answer will lead to to which conclusion) and saying "which ever you've chosen most" doesn't work, statistically. The test does not account for those of us who fall within the first standard deviation, that is, within population error. This test may work fine if you're strongly lead to one or the other, but if you feel that way, you're likely not to have taken the test at all! Aside from the test, the podcast did not give any other information or suggestions, leaving those of us with inconclusive results still wanting.