Monday, November 27, 2006

You Need a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory is no fun - but if you ever have to deal with a major loss, you'll be glad you had one. I did one myself a few years ago; it took a fair amount of time up front, but maintaining it is easy. And now I know how much insurance I need to cover my home contents.

I wrote about this in my September newsletter - but I got prompted to write again because I just recently received this newsletter from someone: Are You Covered? Make Sure By Doing a Home Inventory. (PDF)

I used a simple Excel spreadsheet (and my digital camera) to do my inventory, but the newsletter lists a number of companies that provide software packages specifically for this. Many of them seem to have an extensive set of features for tracking almost anything related to your house and its contents.
- Everything I Own
- Home Manager
- Know Your Stuff
- My Stuff Deluxe

And another software package is:
- The Complete Home Journal

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