Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Floor is not an Option

book cover, The Floor is Not an Option

I'm reading The Floor is not an Option, by Sheila G. McCurdy of Clutter Stop. Right at the start, Sheila poses these questions, which are well worth pondering.

You and I are at your front door. . . . We walk into your living space.
- What do you see? Do you want me to see it?
- What do you hear? Do you want me to hear it?
- What do you smell? Do you want me to smell it?
- How do you feel about the space we've just entered?
- Do you want to be here, or do you want to run away?
- And are these the impressions that you want to give people visiting your home?

I also especially like her section on collectibles and the importance of featuring just a few of them at a time. As she says, "You and others will start appreciating each piece for its beauty instead of their being lost in a sea of similar items. You'll be treating your collection the same way great museums do. They have great storehouses from which they pull only a few items for public viewing which are rotated with others periodically."

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