Wednesday, May 10, 2023

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue for 2023

birch platter with two chickadees Sixteeen years ago today, my mom died of pancreatic cancer. Her favorite color was blue, so this has become my annual tribute to her. Since I'm retired I've not been updating this blog, but I couldn't skip this annual tribute.

I'll begin with this charming birch veneer tray with its two chickadees; it comes from Blue Kite Press oin Boston.

colorful serving platter with two sardines Moving from the sedate to the not-at-all-sedate, here's a serving platter/tray from Portugal, with two sardines rather than two birds. It comes in one other size, too.

set of six blue fish magnets Staying on the fish theme, here are some very cool (and very expensive) fish magnets from Italy.

canvas bucket with floral design This canvas bucket comes from Yellow Petal Handmade, which provides "beautiful storage options for all of your knitting and crochet needs." It's made by Rifle Paper Co.

recipe box in blue floral pattern And speaking of Rifle Paper Co, here's a recipe tin in a similar pattern.

sheep-shaped moneybox with all but the head and feet in a pastel blue And finally, here's an expensive but adorable moneybox from Italy. The head is on a cork and can be removed to get the money out.

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