Friday, November 22, 2019

2020 Wall Calendars for Good Causes, Part 2

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust calendar for 2020, with a photo of elephants

As I mentioned in my prior calendar post, lots of folks still use paper calendars to keep track of their time. So I always enjoy sharing some that help support good work around the world.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues orphaned baby elephants in Kenya. I first heard about the trust on Twitter from Yashar Ali; he’s a huge fan. And I just discovered that SWT has a 2020 calendar.

International Animal Rescue calendar for 2020, with a photo of orangutans

International Animal Rescue has an Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, Indonesia — and IAR has a 2020 orangutan calendar.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue calendar, with a photo of a lab on a big expanse of grass

Many rescue and shelter organizations focused on dogs and cats (and other domestic animals) have calendars, too. Many of those rescue organizations work with a particular breed, such as Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.

2020 First Responders & Rescue Animals calendar, with a photo of fire truck and firemen in full gear holding various small animals

I’m also seeing some cool pairings of people and animals. “First responders from all over the State of New Hampshire volunteered to pose for photos” with adoptable animals (as well as some which had already been adopted) from the Manchester Animal Shelter to create this 2020 calendar. Proceeds go to the shelter and to charities chosen by the first responders.

Minnesota Wild 2020 Canine Calendar, with a photo of player holding a dog

Members of the Minnesota Wild ice hockey team teamed up with Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue to create this 2020 calendar. “All net proceeds benefit the Minnesota Wild Foundation, Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, and Soldier’s 6 - a local non-profit that provides honorably discharged veterans and first responders who may suffer from PTSD with service animals.”

Seva 2020 calendar which says "see the change" and identifies Jon Kaplan as the photographer; photo is of a little girl
Not all charitable fundraising calendars are animal-focused, of course. Seva puts out a lovely calendar every year. (Seva “works with local communities around the world to develop self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.”) You can get the 2020 calendar at the site for buyers in the USA or the one for buyers in Canada; the USA site has a number to call if you live elsewhere.

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