Sunday, April 21, 2019

5 Cool Money Banks — Pigs, Elephants and More

bull piggy bank, ceramic, with a stopper for his nose

Do you have spare change taking over various flat surfaces in your home? You could clear some space by putting the coins in a spare coffee mug, a mason jar, etc. But maybe a nice piggy bank would provide some inspiration.

Potter Michèle Hastings Pottery makes cool piggy banks; she has some in stock and many more which are made to order, like the one shown above. (Most of them are actually pigs, not bulls.)

ceramic piggy bank with coin being inserted

Kähler Design has a lovely piggy bank (with a stopper in the bottom) which you can buy from Nordic Nest or Scandinavian Lifestyle. The ears are applied individually by hand, so no two banks will be identical.

two wood piggy banks, with leather ears

If you’d prefer wood to ceramic, you might consider the Miss Monnipenni savings box or the Pink Lady version of the same design. They come from the German company Siebensachen by Adam+Harborth; you can also buy them from Malevich Garage or Trouva (Miss Monnipenni and Pink Lady). There’s a leather plug in the base for getting to the coins.

ceramic owl piggy bank, sitting on shelf next to some books

Moving beyond pigs, I found this delightful owl money box from Hannah Turner. It also has a stopper in the bottom for removing the coins.

three wood piggy banks: a panda, an elephants, and a rabbit

And finally there are the OYOY moneybanks: Panda, Baba, and Ninka. Design Life Kids and Scandibørn currently carry all three; Nordic Nest has Panda and Ninka.

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