Thursday, May 10, 2018

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue for 2018

white tray with elaborately drawn birds in gray and blue

Eleven years ago today, my mom died of pancreatic cancer. Her favorite color was blue, so this is my annual tribute to her. 

When I wrote about trays yesterday, I omitted a few that I wanted to include today — like this tray from Jamida, with art by Emma J. Shipley. (If you want to know more about using trays as organizing tools, see the comment I left on yesterday’s post.)

white tray with two big blue fish

Another cool item from Jamida is this Shoal of Fish tray, with art by Asta Barrington.

small blue tray with a sardine picture

Continuing on the fish theme, this sardine tray from Agenda Home, with art by Danielle Kroll, caught my eye.

off-white cotton canvas bin with blue butterfly; blue pattern on the interior, too

Over on Etsy, I found this lovely cotton canvas bin by Dagmar’s Designs. (I’ve written about Dagmar’s Designs before, but without a focus on the blue images.) Update on May 9, 2019: The butterfly bin currently available uses a teal blue.

two royal blue fabric baskets with large flowers; black interior

Another Etsy find: These storage baskets made with Marimekko fabric, from Mummi Designs. Update on May 9, 2019: Sadly, these baskets are no longer available.


Louise said...

These are all lovely! I use a number of different trays to keep things corralled on the boat. It's easier to secure the tray from sliding around than each small item. And you just can't go wrong with blue and white :)

Cynthia Friedlob said...

It's been far too long since I visited your blog! Still excellent. Your beautiful annual tribute to your mother is as lovely as always. Best wishes, Jeri!