Friday, October 31, 2014

Meeting the Challenge of Boot Storage

rubber tray for boots

Shoe storage is a challenge for lots of folks, and boot storage has its own challenges. But I’ve got some potential solutions to show you! Some will work well with wet boots; others are more suited for storing those that have already dried out. Some are intended for inside use and others for outdoors. Many of them come from the U.K.

The first option is a boot tray of some sort, such as this rubber tray from Ballard Designs.

boot tray with wheels

VivaTerra says this rolling metal boot rack will stand up to the elements.

wooden boot stand

Another option is a boot stand, such as this Welly boot stand from Make Me Something Special.

forged boot rack

For a totally different look, there's the Welly rack from Dean Forge. Another place to get this style is Studio Forge.

wall-mounted Welly rack

A wall-mounted boot rack is another possibility. This one comes from; the racks are available in a range of colors.

wall-mounted boot rack

Nether Wallop Trading Co also has a nice-looking boot rack.

wooden wall boot / Welly rack

And for a different style of wall-mounted boot rack, we can go back to Make Me Something Special.

boot hanger system for a closet

For storage in a closet, there’s the Boot Butler. [via Erin Doland]

Wellington boot box

Want to hide the (dry) boots away? You could use the Wellington Boot Box.

outdoor "house" for boots / wellies

This is The Welly House from Flyte So Fancy. It’s designed with sufficient ventilation to keep any wet footwear well aired.

welly boot storage

Finally, Garden Trading has this Wooden Welly Store.

Want more ideas? See my prior post on boot storage!

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