Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Ways to Store Shoes on the Wall

wall-mounted shoe rack, wood

Way back in 2008, when I wrote about 15 Ways to Store the Shoes, I didn’t make much mention of wall-mounted options. But a number of these have appeared over time; here are some of the more interesting ones.

The rack above comes from Mitz Takahasi of Montreal, who works mostly with recycled wood (and other recycled materials).

wall-mounted shoe rack for stilettos

I’ve mentioned the shoe racks from J-Me before, but this one designed specially for stilettos is new.

wall shoe rack for children's shoes

And J-Me also has a new wall-mounted rack for children’s shoes.

wall-mounted shoe rack, metal

This shoe rack is also available in a square version which holds four pairs. It comes from The Metal House, and is also sold by Bouf.

wall-mounted shoe storage - single pair of shoes

Finally, this rack comes from LoCa, in Denmark; it’s part of the Knax product line. You can find it at the Knax Shop or at Smow — or, in the U.S., at

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