Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kitchen Utensil Holders from Talented Artisans

stoneware utensil holder

Many of us find that the easiest way to organize our frequently-used kitchen utensils is in some sort of utensil pot — so let’s give thanks to the artisans who give us so many lovely storage options. And let’s start with vitrifiedstudio, which made this stoneware utensil holder.

stoneware utensil holder - aqua color
Photo used with permission from Back Bay Pottery

This delightful aqua-colored stoneware piece comes from Back Bay Pottery; it’s designed to hold 15 or more utensils.

ceramic utensil jar

This utensil jar comes from Tom Butcher Ceramics in Scotland as part of his Loch Long Stoneware range.

terra-cotta utensil jar

Henry Watson’s Potteries has a terra-cotta utensil jar.

ceramic utensil holder - stoneware

Made from wheel-thrown stoneware clay, this utensil holder comes from Willow Tree Pottery.

pottery utensil holder

Too many neutral colors for your taste? Take a look at the utensil holders from Prarie Fire Pottery.

stone utensil holder

And after all these pottery pieces, let’s end with something different: this utensil holder from Okanagan Stoneworks, which looks especially stunning with the red and white utensils.

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SueBK said...

For 20 years our kitchen utensils have sat in a large beer stein. It was something hubby picked up somewhere in his bachelor days and didn't want to get rid of, but which I didn't want on display on the mantle-piece :-)