Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Organizing Magic

book cover - Organizing Magic, by Sandra Felton

Sandra Felton has written a number of books, and she has a way with words. For today I’m going to focus on Organizing Magic, published back in 2006. It’s a book I’m now passing along, but not before sharing these two gems:

Here’s Sandra explaining the problem with being disorganized:
A disorganized life is, at its core, annoying. ... Let the irritation energize you. Let it propel you toward finding a solution that works. ...

Disorganization is a problem of self-neglect. In short, when we’re disorganized, we’re failing to treat ourselves with the love and respect we want others to show us.
And here’s her description of one common problem:
“Oozing” is when things don’t make it back to their designated area. Keys are not hung on their hook by the door. ... A jacket is draped on the back of a kitchen chair. When things ooze out into the open where they don’t belong, the peace of your home is compromised.


BethB said...

Oh, "oozing" is perfect! I will so use that. Thank you, Jeri.

Jeri Dansky said...

BethB, I'm glad someone else likes "oozing" as much as I do!