Monday, October 7, 2013

Headphone Stands: Giving the Headphones a Home

aluminum headphone stand, next to a MacBook

Many people have headphones in their offices — to use with Skype calls, to block out noise, to listen to music in a multi-person office, etc. But placing those headphones down on the desk takes up a lot of space. There are ways to hang headphones off walls or cubicle panels — but for now, let’s look at some of the more interesting freestanding headphone stands.

The stand shown above is the aluminum Just Mobile Headstand. Note the storage space at the base, for wrapping a long cable. [via Bos Organization and Tools and Toys]

three aluminum headphone stands, in black and silver finishes

Woo Audio has adjustable-height aluminum headphone stands — both single and double versions. They’re available in either a black or silver finish.

wood headphone stand

If you’d prefer wood, there’s the HS1 headphone stand from FiiO.

wood headphone stand, for two headphones

H.A.L Woodworking offers single and double headphone stands — both standard and custom. You have a choice of wood stains, plus black — and side pegs, for wrapping the cords around, are also an option.

bamboo headphone stand with three headphones on it

And Last Summer Treasures offers a bamboo headphone stand — a variation on the bracelet displays the company also sells.

headphone stands shaped like the curve of a head

The Omega headphone stand from Sieveking Sound is pretty amazing; it’s also on the pricier side.

plastic headphone stand

If you like that shape, you could also look at the Brainwavz Peridot headphone stand, made from plastic.

curved aluminum headphone stand

And CA Electronics has a headphone stand, made from aluminum, with a somewhat similar style. It’s available in black, white and red.

headphone stands with black lacquered PVC, and wood

Headphile has some very cool-looking headphone stands; they come in various sizes, to accommodate one to four headphone sets. There are 11 wood choices, and an option for taller-than-normal stand. The risers are made from “black lacquer coated heavy wall PVC.” [via HeadphoneScout]

headphone stand with headphones

Room’s Audio Line has some lovely headphone stands, including this one. These come from Germany, and Thomann sells them throughout much of Europe — but I haven’t found a retailer in the U.S.

headphone hanger

If you have 2,000-4,760 Swedish kronor to spend ($312-$742), you could look at the Klutz Design CanCans. The more expensive ones are made from black or tanned leather. You can get them through Aaudio Imports for $599-$799.

And if you want a low-cost option, a number of sites have recommended re-purposing a banana hanger as a headphone hanger. Of course, there are plenty of basic headphone hangers, too — from Case Star, Cosmos and others.

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USSC said...

I don't even own headphones but these stands make me want to go out a purchase some headphones. I especially love the Omega headphone stand from Sieveking Sound...Classy