Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Helping Dogs and Cats in Need: 2012 Calendars for a Cause

Lots of animal rescue groups, humane societies and similar organizations create calendars as part of their fundraising. And most of them feature photos of the animals in question — which is fine, and often adorable if you've got a good photographer. But I was delighted to find the French Bulldog Village 2012 Rescue Calendar with its totally different approach: whimsical illustrations by artist Olga Gonorovsky. And the interior images are every bit as charming as the cover is. [Image used with permission]

This is your standard wall calendar, with images on the top and date blocks on the bottom for writing in your appointments. I saw the December page, and noticed that Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanzaa are all listed.

And these calendar photos, included here under a license agreement with photographer Klara Hanincova, PhD, show how creative you can get with the photographic approach. This is the 2012 Firefighters and Shelter Pets calendar from the New Rochelle Humane Society in New York. A limited number of calendars will be available, and the Humane Society asks that you send in your order by Sept. 25, for delivery in mid-October.

Klara blogged about the photo shoots; the January image shown above is retired firefighter (and current Humane Society volunteer) Bill Spinelli with Champagne, an American Bulldog/American Stafford Terrier mix. The blog posts are fun; I enjoyed reading about the firefighters and the cats and dogs — and looking at more really cute photos. Klara obviously had a lot of fun working on this calendar!

Animal shelters and rescue organizations do such important work; if you need a 2012 wall calendar, I hope you'll consider one of these — or one by another such organization.

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