Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lots of Jewelry? Consider a Jewelry Armoire.

oak jewelry armoire

If you have a lot of jewelry to store - and you've already determined you do indeed want to keep all the pieces - a jewelry armoire (or jewelry chest) might be just the thing for you. Of course, these pieces call attention to themselves, so you wouldn't want to use one if you're concerned about theft.

There are many options that aren't too expensive, like the Powell Mission Oak Jewelry Armoire shown above. But let's leave price behind for a minute, and admire some of the beautiful storage options that are out there, created by individual artisans - pieces that are functional works of art.

jewelry cabinet

This stunning jewelry cabinet, in ash with walnut accents, comes from Michael Evans Design. You can also see it at CustomMade - a wonderful site I found from Hardwood Artisans. Update on Nov. 9, 2011: Michael Evans Design doesn't seem to have its own web site any more.

jewelry armoire

Cyma Furniture Design has this marvelous jewelry armoire, made with wenge and birch burl.

handcrafted jewelry chest

And finally, Dream Mountain Studio has the most amazing jewelry chests and cabinets - it was hard to pick just one to include! I encourage you to go to the web site and poke around. This one is called Birds in Flight.


jgodsey said...

armoires and jewelery boxes are nice to look at but they are neon signs that say steal me - i'm where the jewelry is. put your best stuff in a cigar box or something locked and bolted to the floor.

Artisan Jewelry by RondaJane said...

Jewelry armoires are nice and can be a lovely decorating statement but I really like to see my jewelry out and displayed kind of like art work. But then I don't really have expensive pieces, nothing someone would risk getting past a fence and 4 dogs : ) I have seen really reasonable 2nd hand jewelry armoires on craigslist. If you really want one and are patient you can find a deal.

Jeri Dansky said...

jgodsey, I relate to the theft concern; many years ago, when I lived somewhere other than where I do now, my house was broken into and all my jewelry was stolen. So yes - you may want to put special pieces (which may be special for sentimental reasons as much as for value) in another place.

RondaJane, a lot of people share your inclination, and like to have the jewelry out on display. I've posted many ideas for that type of storage, so I thought I'd write something a bit different this time - for those who don't want their jewelry out!

And yes, four dogs could be quite the theft deterrent - much more effective than my cats! (But I don't have a enough jewelry to warrant an armoire, anyway.)

SueBK said...

Although I don't have a lot of jewellery (and the most expensive, okay, only expensive, pieces I have never leave my ring finger) this post sparked my imagination.
I certainly don't need (or have room) for an armoire. I have several jewellery boxes, but they "hide" things away.
I've started a handy collection of interesting necklaces, to offset a rather plain wardrobe ;-)
So, on the weekend I made myself a very simple necklace hanger.
Two lengths of dowels about 5 inches long (need to remake it a a little longer), which hang about 6 or 7 inches apart. I used cuphooks and lightweight brass chain to link them, and create a hanger on the top.
On the top length 3 or 4 cup hooks screwed into the front face; on the bottom one, 3 or 4 cup hooks screwed to the underneath (slightly offset from the top ones). It just hangs on a picture hook on the wall next the dresser.
It's not fancy but it's been very handy this week.