Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas and Other Holidays: Five Final Gift Suggestions for 2009

Christmas gift coupon

Still looking for some good gifts that won't become clutter? Seen all the advice to give consumables or the gift of experiences/time, but still drawing a blank? Want to give gifts that support your values: green gifts, handmade, locally-made or purchased? Here are some final ideas for this holiday season.

1. Get some lovely Christmas gift coupons from chickabug and give the gift of anything from an outing together to show-shoveling services to babysitting. [via anh-minh]

Foodzie logo

2. Combine local and consumable and make a local gift basket.

Or combine consumable and the desire to support small businesses and go to Foodzie. You can even search for items that come from local producers. [Via Sarah K Steven]

B & B gift card

3. When it comes to experiences, you could give a Bed & Breakfast gift card.

book cover - Last Lovers

4. For friends who are readers, you might do what I did for one gift this year; pick a good book off your bookshelf and send it along. I had a book I enjoyed reading (but didn't feel the need to keep) that I thought a certain friend would also enjoy - so I sent it along for her December birthday. She not only enjoyed the book; she was also intrigued by its history. (It was obviously used; it had an inscription in it, and I added my inscription below.) Now she's plotting who she'll send the book onto next.

LED-48 Safelite

5. Give the gift of safety. Cool Mom Picks suggests bike lights for kids; Best Stuff suggests the LED-48 Safelite, which can be used by bicyclers, those changing tires, and more.

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