Friday, January 17, 2014

Organizing Products Inspired by Sheep

pink piggy bank shaped like a sheep

The Herdy Company’s products are “born in the English Lakes and inspired by the area’s cute and lovable Herdwick sheep” — and having found these delightful products, I’d like to share the ones that have an organizing function.

The first is the herdybank, shown above. You know I’m fond of piggy banks — they can be a great way to stash all that change that tends to accumulate around the house — and this one is adorable. It’s bone china, “hand cast and hand painted in Staffordshire.” You can choose from six colors.

aprons in six colors; big pockets

apron pocket close-up view

There's also the peep apron, with its nice big pockets; it also comes in six colors. And you can also get a child’s version.

The Herdy Company has both a U.K. website and a U.S. website. And if you want to learn more about Herdwick sheep, take a look at the Twitter account of HerdyShepherd; he posts photos almost every day. (And it’s through him that I learned of The Herdy Company — but there’s no connection between the two.)

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